About Go Green Petal

Go Green Petal started its journey way back in January 2017 with a team of experts with an end goal toward a good health. We are the most renowned company in the field of fitness and health. Maintaining good health these days is next to impossible. The unhealthy lifestyle and lack of good sleep and exercise, make the situation worse. At Go Green Petal we try to bridge the gap between to unhealthy lifestyle and your weight loss goal.

What We Do

Nearly every group is now suffering from the problem of overweight and various fat prone problems. With our customer-centric strategy, we envision to provide a cutting-edge product to our customer so that lose theirs without sacrificing their daily habits. In the context of medicine, weight loss refers to a decrease of the total body mass, due to loss of fluid, body fat and other connective tissue. Weight loss can either occur inadvertently due to malnourishment or arise from a conscious effort to improve the body weight by exercise or a balanced diet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to relive our customer from hectic workout cycle that they avail in order to shred their body fat. We also looking to become an internationally recognized brand in the health and fitness industry. We also ensure that we never deviate from the customer-driven approach that we designed to offer impeccable service to our customers.


This is a wonderful product I have been seaching for years. It leaves the impeccable result on my body by reducing a significant amount of body weight. If fat loss is sole motive then this is the product you should look for.

Ankuj KumarPolice officer

Follow the high-intensity workout is not my blood and that’s why I have been searching for a product which can reduce my body fat in no time. I have no regret after purchasing Go Green Petal’s green coffee extract, it’s an amazing product that leaves astonishing result on the body. Hats off to the company.

Pankaj tyagiBollywood actor